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Engineering, Commercial Consulting, Building Inspections

Gulfcoast Engineering offers a complete inspection program that is compliant with all current Florida laws. Please contact us for specific questions so we can personally address your needs!

Structural Inspections

  • Structural Evaluation Inspections
  • Site / Building Inspections
  • Foundation Inspections
  • HUD - Pre-manufactured Anchoring Inspection

Engineering Inspections

  • Soil Density Testing
  • Pile Monitoring Installation
  • Vibration Monitoring / Seismograph
  • Septic System Design

Aluminum Engineering Inspections

Home Inspections

  • HUD - Pre-manufactured Home Anchorage Inspections
  • Insurance Evaluation Inspections

Condominium Inspections

  • Condominium Inspections
  • Reserve Funding Plan
  • Condominium Turnover Inspections
  • 40 Year (40Y) Building Certification
  • Balcony Inspections
  • Safety Inspections

Engineering Services

Pool Enclosures

Project Management

40 Year Inspections

Each year, more and more property owners must have a 40 year inspection completed. This inspection is generally required by many insurance companies and some counties. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an inspection for your property.

Roof Strap / Truss Certifications

Many changes in the roofing law now requires a Roof Strap Inspection and Certification to provide an affadavit before replacing your roof.

Certificate of use Inspections

This inspection is required to comply with Miami-Dade Ordinance No. 08-133, which applies to unincorporated Miami-Dade County which are acquired through a Certificate of Title (Foreclosures and Judgments), in accordance with Chapter 45, Florida Statutes. All residential properties affected are single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses and duplexes. The ordinance requires that title holders of foreclosed properties in Miami-Dade county obtain a Certificate of Use (CU) prior to offering the property for sale, transfer or alienation. This inspection must be signed off by an Engineer or Architect in the State of Florida.

Title Search

If you have a foreclosure property or other parcel of land that you are interested in purchasing we recommend that you order a Title Search Report on the property before you sign any contract to purchase.

A Title Search Report will provide information such as the owner of record for the property as well as providing you with the actual legal description of the property in question, any open mortgages, judgment liens, easements, restrictions, tax information and other matters which could adversely effect the property and your decision to purchase.

By utilizing our Title Search Report, you can have all the information necessary to make an informed decision on any house, or vacant lands you might be interested in purchasing before you sign any purchase contract.